Digital Twin refers to the digital representation of physical objects or systems. It provides an accurate idea of how the object or system would function in reality before it is built. This allows potential problems to be identified and fixed in advance, saving time and money. Digital twins are extremely versatile tools and allow companies to become more efficient and competitive.

Versatile and predictive use cases

Digital twins are used in various application areas, such as manufacturing or facility management. However, they are also extremely versatile tools in other areas that can enable citizen participation on abstract issues or improve the experience of large projects, especially in the construction industry. Architects, engineers and project managers can visualize and test their designs in a virtual space before actual construction begins. This can save time, costs and risks.

Minimizing risk with digital twins

Digital twins can also improve job safety by allowing parties involved to identify and minimize potential hazards and risks before the physical object or system is built. They can also be used in safety-critical sectors such as aviation or energy to improve worker and asset safety.

Supported learning with digital twins

Digital twins can also help make training and education more realistic and effective. Employees can practice and learn in a virtual environment without having to access real machines or equipment. This can make training more cost-effective and increase safety.

Enhance your external perception

In addition, digital twins can be used as a presentation and marketing tool. Companies can showcase their products or services in a virtual space and offer customers an interactive experience. This can increase brand awareness and engage potential customers.

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