Vegan – but how? The vegan quartet by Chefs Culinar enables to learn in a

playful way about the healthy world of vegan kitchen and to get new

ideas for recipes. In Cooperation with TVN we developed an iOS Application for Chefs Culinar, so the card game can be enjoyed anywhere on iPad and ones knowledge tested in the competition against the Computer.

For the digital Vegan Quartett

opponents were replaced by the computer. Therefore we developed a system

how the Computer would play its cards realisticly – meaning smart but

not inhumanly smart.
Furthermore it was important for us to analyse

the games flow to determine when arrangements are made verbally, that

have to be communicated to the player in the digital version too. For

example, who starts the game or which card won.

The Application will be playable at Chefs Culinar upcoming stands. Check it out! - Winners get rewarded with the analogue card game for free.

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