FIREDRILL GmbH (VRTX Labs, VGH Versicherung & Futur X)


2019 / 2021


iOS, Android & HoloLens


Point Cloud AR, Microsoft Azure Spatial Anchors

Together with Futur X - an innovation subsidiary of VGH Versicherungen - and VGH, we founded FIREDRILL GmbH last year and developed an app that enables organizations to carry out necessary fire safety drills independently and individually with digital assistance. And all this in full compliance with data protection and the law.

The app for iOS and Android is based on state-of-the-art augmented reality technology and thus enables intuitive orientation and navigation in enclosed spaces. FIREDRILL explains via smartphone in a few minutes to employees of the organization the safest way out of the building in case of emergency, and displays information where it is needed: at and in the real object, understandable and comprehensible for everyone. FIREDRILL offers visual, haptic and - if required - acoustic assistance and is therefore also suitable for employees with physical disabilities. Additionally, everywhere and 24/7. All it takes is a mobile device.

User-oriented, the FIREDRILL app displays all relevant information and functions at a glance: reading and confirming documents, completing a training course, creating new buildings, rooms and users as well as usage statistics and controlling functions - all this is intuitively available in the app. Selected functions are additionally provided in a web interface.

There are individual circumstances in every company. This is exactly why FIREDRILL enables the upload of precisely suitable documents, as well as the assignment of tasks to be completed to groups of employees. Once defined, it's possible to see directly which tasks have already been completed and which are still to do. In case something changes in the company's premises, existing buildings and rooms, which were initially scanned by the FIREDRILL experts, can be edited, deleted or newly created by the users at any time. And you can do it easily with your smartphone within a few minutes, without expensive and complicated special hardware.

The best thing about our app is that FIREDRILL is digital, accessible from anywhere at any time, fully compliant with the law, and saves both time and money. Employees can decide for themselves when they want to complete their fire drill - whenever it's comfortable for them. This way the operation is not disturbed and the exercise can be done individually in a few minutes. Especially during the current pandemic and the resulting increase in the number of employees working from home, this is a future-oriented, economical solution.

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