2019 / 2020




Augmented Reality, AR Kit, Marker Tracking

A shifting sand dune is a fascinating natural phenomenon. With 10 meters per year the 30m high sand dune in List on Sylt moves. Hard to believe when you drive past. Since 2009, the "Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten" Sylt has made it its mission to make such natural phenomena comprehensible. The video production company TVN CORPORATE MEDIA from Hanover was contracted to modernize the exhibition of the "Erlebniszentrum" in List - using modern AR and VR technology as well as a fulldome cinema for digital learning. And what we developed an AR app for.

With the goal of making the Wadden Sea as tangible as possible in the museum and getting visitors excited about the World Heritage Site, we created an application for TVN that uses augmented reality to show objects and animals of the Wadden Sea in life-size and thus convey knowledge digitally. How does the whole thing work in a user-friendly way? On site, guests of the "Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten" are given tablets on which our AR app is installed. In the exhibition, they will find a walk-through map of Sylt with various icons - such as a grey seal, the shifting sand dune or a seal. These icons serve as markers for our augmented reality application. When guests hold their tablet over the icons on the map, not only does an information box open on the device with more detailed knowledge about the object or animal, but it is also depicted realistically in life-size in the room via the tablet and can thus be examined from all sides.

This brings you closer to nature than ever before - digital, interactive learning that makes a lasting impression.

This project proves once again how great the potential of AR technology is in knowledge transfer and appealing, interactive presentation. Whether at trade fair booths, in galleries or in museums - augmented reality applications bring people, animals and objects to life, making even complex content vivid in the truest sense of the word. Best of all, the applications turn a visit to an exhibition into an interactive experience that generates excitement.

For all those who would like to visit the Experience Center in List on Sylt and see digitization for themselves: The fulldome cinema will open this summer and our AR app is already in use. We hope you have fun exploring.

Augmented Reality can also enrich your museum and exhibition. Just get in touch with us and we'll talk about it.

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