LTI-Metalltechnik GmbH




Vive Focus Plus



Our client, LTI Metalltechnik GmbH, has been a hidden champion in the german metalworking industry for over 45 years. Together, we developed a VR-application for exhibition and internal onboarding purposes, combining company-related information with playful interaction. The application is running on the HTC Vive Focus Plus, a standalone VR-headset capable of running sophisticated 3D-applications with while giving the user total freedom of interaction in the virtual space with the bundled wireless controllers.

The app consists of two main parts and their distinct mechanics. The first part is an interactive 360°-video tour through one of LTIs manufacturing facilities. We captured the footage and used it to create an immersive experience, showcasing the factories capabilities and workflows. Using the Vives controllers, the user is able to navigate between the different sites, each representing various aspects of the manufacturing processes. Additionally, the sites are enhanced with information about the company, machinery and the manufacturing processes. The related information is spatially placed inside the footage, making it easy for the user to attribute the given information to the corresponding workplace.

The second part is a game where the user is invited to manually assemble a parking ticket vending machine. This is achieved using the Focus' controllers, giving the user the ability to grab and place the machine-parts directly, as they would in a real-world scenario. Gamification elements, like an assembly timer, help to establish a playful way of interacting with the posed challenges.

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