Two weeks


iOS / Android


ARKit / ARCore

Our client APITs Lab (“Applied Interactive Technologies“) is part of Nordmedia, the central media funding organization for Lower Saxony and Bremen.

Their mission is to spread knowledge about serious games and gamification to companies that are interested in digital transformation.

Their goal is to enable corporations to use the full knowledge of the gaming industry. This ranges from the concept in user experience or gamification elements to simulations or the usage of specialized software.

They are creating connections between creative agencies as well as software developer in interactive media and decision makers of interested companies.

APITs Lab provides a folder of projects they helped to realize. Which they publish with their periodically updated “Best Practice” brochure which they were looking to enhance through augmented reality content. We choose our own app uncovAR to realize this project as the client wanted to target a wide range of iOS and Android devices and a custom app would have been out of scope for this project.

This choice also allows us to update the content as well as add additional markers without needing to roll out app updates.

We started by adding augmented content to 10+ project presentation sheets. For this purpose, we contacted the commissioning companies as well as the agencies which originally built the content to get the assets we needed. These were then converted for real-time use and included in the AR presentations and combined with other 3D or interactive elements that to tell the story of the projects.

In addition, we created an animated presentation for the cover of the brochure and augmented their business cards. We commissioned 3D Scans of their representatives Tim Mittelstaedt and Anna Weisenberger and included them on cards and the brochure.

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