Nachtsichttechnik Jahnke


Three weeks





The project was commissioned by Dievision. Their customer Nachsichttechnik Jahnke had a unique problem that could be perfectly solved by applying virtual reality technology.

As a manufacturer of specialized night vison equipment for hunters the client heavily relies on trade shows to promote their product line, but it is impossible give a demonstration of their product anywhere but at night in a forest. So they needed a solution for the different fairs they are exhibiting at.

Dievision created the concept of using a virtual reality night time hunting simulator that changes from day to night to allow a lifelike impression. The simulator also allows switching of different scopes so they can be compared easily.

In two months, we built an application for the HTC Vive pro. Just in time for the first trade show of the year.

Beside the application we also built a custom rifle controller and put together a ready to go hardware kit with documentation. Additionally, we attended the first day of the trade show and helped train Jahnkes employees for setup, use and possible troubleshooting.

At the center of the exhibition booth was a deerstand which hosted the simulator.

The game can be adjusted for varying difficulties as well as multiple weather and time of day presets to emphasize the versatility of their night vision technology.

Apart from giving potential customers a demonstration of the capabilities of Jahnkes products it also helped to draw a crowd and entertain the potential customers before they got more information from the Jahnke employees.

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