Commissioned by

quermedia GmbH


Two months


iOS, Windows


3D, AR

Together with Quermedia we created a sales app for their client Protego which is the leading manufacturer of flame arresters and tank valves. The app illustrates the clients product portfolio by examples to aid the sales discussion.

The result is an engaging and realistic representation of the product range, which is a vital aid for sales representatives in customer meetings.

The app starts out in a world diorama which has a number of points of interest which the user can choose to inspect.

These points of interest represent various product classes and their practical applications and are each presented in an easily understandable example scenario which is shown as a realtime 3d model in an actual use scenario.

Each product showcase is accompanied by a selection of additional media like images, technical documents and videos further illustrating the products benefits and use cases.

This rich media selection is helping sales representatives to quickly give a complete overview of the possible product applications.

The Augmented Reality mode, which can be started seamlessly from the classic view, serves as a special feature for the often necessary spatial product understanding: The selected product can be projected into the real space and is fixed in reality. It can therefore be freely experienced from all directions and distances.

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