Commissioned by

quermedia GmbH


Two months


iOS, Windows


3D, AR

Optimization of a manufacturer's current sales activities for flame arresters through an interactive application. The aim of the application is to explain the product range as well as the application areas and locations of the products in an easily understandable way in order to support the actual sales discussion. The result is an engaging and realistic representation of the entire product range, which is available and quickly accessible for every sales employee.

The various product classes and their application locations are presented on the basis of an exemplary area. Free movement within the model is just as possible as zooming in on individual objects.

The various product classes are explained by means of detailed information which the sales employee can select according to the situation. Animated video sequences also help to explain complex product characteristics in a comprehensible way. The individual information can be switched between at any time via a custon created user interface.

The Augmented Reality mode, which can be started seamlessly from the classic view, serves as a special feature for the often necessary spatial product understanding: The selected product can be projected into the real space and is fixed in reality. It can therefore be freely experienced from all directions and distances.

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