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AR / Snapchat / Spark AR

While Snapchat has pioneered the face/world lens usage on mobile devices and is still leading in some aspects, the launch of Spark AR on Facebook and especially Instagram brought some serious competition to the field.

There now are a variety of exciting applications for low-barrier social AR interactions on both platforms. Find some examples we created for our customers below.

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t3n face filter

This face filter was created for the biggest german technology blog t3n. It transforms the users selfie-camera image into the clients visual identity with background replacement and color correction. There's also the added twist of the googly eyes activated by the mouth-open gesture.

William Hill Snapchat Lens

This Snapchat game was comissioned by the fine people at Poplar for their client William Hill to promote the Tyson vs Fury box fight. We proposed a simple game where your mission is to block all the opponents incoming blows by using the raise eyebrows gesture. After the game ends you get feedback on your performance.

This is a good example for how a simple game mechanic can be used as a fun way to engage users to interact with a filter.

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