About us

VRTX Labs is your specialist for interactive real-time visualization. With our diverse team of developers, we're creating applications for desktop, smartphones and nearly every AR/VR device.

Our particular strength is the development of Augmented Reality applications for smartphones and tablets. We are part of a network of innovative AR-startups and we believe in the vast chances and possibilities of Augmented Reality. It is our mission to spread the word about this exciting future.

We are fast, we are demanding when it comes to implementation and we are always open to new ideas.

So when do we get to know each other?

Discover smart business-cards

Give your existing information brochures, flyers or product catalogues a memorable upgrade with AR. Generate more attention and stay longer in the memory of your customers. AR offers many fields of application in the print sector - for both B2B and B2C.

Use your business cards for a new and varied presentation of your portfolio. We offer you customized AR business cards with configurable elements and individualizations. Whether as a container in your existing app, as a newly developed app or via our discovAR platform - your mixed reality presence is only a few steps away.


You are surprised about the possibilities of interactive real-time visualization and would like to learn more? You have not yet had the opportunity to test AR or VR yourself? You lack understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of these various techniques?

For a better orientation in this very fast-moving topic we offer you our technology workshops.

During the workshop we explain the possibilities and limits of AR / VR technology. And the most important thing: You can try everything for yourself! At the end of the workshop we will discuss how you can take advantage of AR/VR in your business.

We offer this workshop both on our premises and at yours. Just get in contact with us for further details!


Team that makes it all possible

Jens Thiemann


Christian Lutz-Weicken


Ricardo Ferrer Rivero


Tobias Pott


Lars Ole Eckhoff


Philipp Bontemps



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